Why Foodback?


Benefits of Foodback

More Repeat Business

Customers who feel heard are customers who return.

More New Business

The wisdom of crowds lets you perfect what you offer them, thus spreading your name wider.

Give Them What They Want

Customers will tell you what’s missing, creating unforeseen new revenue opportunities.

Cut The Waste

Discover which items or service features are least popular and get rid of them.

Better Customer Insight

50 % of Foodback respondents leave valuable demographic data.

Stop Reputational Damage

Catch and mitigate customer complaints privately before they take it online.

Become Data-Driven with Foodback

Why trust your gut feeling when you make data-driven decisions? With Foodback we deliver quantitative, qualitatative data presented in a way you understand and can act on. All powered by our Foodback Loop. 

We Enable Transparency

Foodback enables transparent and data-driven decision-making, boosting your entire organisation.


Instant feedback from  customers on new dishes, menus, portion sizes, food waste ++


Real time data on the performances of all venues in the portfolio + data on improvement projects


Access to all aggregated data, to see the “big picture” and identify trends / valuable data foundations for strategic decisions


Detailed and hands-on feedback on the service level of all aspects of the dining experience


A new marketplace in which to promote campaigns, customer clubs etc.

Any Segment, Anytime, Anywhere

Foodback offers customer insight and analytics tailored to the kind of eating place you are.

Foodback Portal & Check-In

The single place for all digital interaction with your clients. All available from a single QR code.

Easily add menu, ordering, COVID-19 check-in, feedback and more!

Future Proof
Adoptable to any needs, during and after COVID-19.

Free of Charge!
Best of all, its free for both existing and new customers!




Regardless of where you serve the meal, add a simple QR code to the table, packaging, receipt or similar. Once your guest have tried Foodback, they will try again.

Foodback Bill Folder



If you’re running table service venues handing out the bill after the meal, the Foodback Bill Folder is your perfect companion. 90% of your customers will answer!

Integration with our API



Integrate Foodback directly to your app, and get valuable feedback where ever the digital interaction happens.

Foodback vs. Online Review Apps

Yes, you can read what people say about you on public review apps and websites. But here’s why you get much more actionable, revenue-boosting insight when you use Foodback:


Only people who have really been your customers can give feedback, so you can trust what they say.

The Full Picture

Online reviews are mainly from either very happy or very unhappy customers.


You ask exactly the questions you want answered, in perfect harmony with your brand.


Customers who complain through Foodback tell it how they see it. Negative online reviewers may have ulterior motives or, conversely, be too shy to criticise.

Continuous Improvement

You can closely monitor responses to changes in service and menu.

Stop the Rot

Foodback helps you catch unhappy customers internally before they complain about you externally.

Based on Research

With Foodback Intelligent Survey Engine, you always get a set of questions, taliored for your type of venue! Our unique survey engine is built in close collaboration with Kai Victor Hansen, a highly respected professor at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management. It makes sure each guest gets a quick and smooth user experience, while you get powerful insight with industry leading depth and detail.

Powerful Analytics

With Foodback, you’ll have more customer feedback than you have ever imagined! This is what the tech guys refer to as “Big Data”. To get the most out of this information, we have built a simple, yet powerful business intelligence tool. In here we give you both the high level overview, and precise recommendations on where you need to improve.