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All Inclusive Feedback About Food


Ready to Go

Foodback is ready in minutes, literally! Forget about large implementation projects, workshops and meetings. Trust us, we have you covered!


Regardless of how and where you serve the food, we have the solution for you. All questions approved by PhD’s in Meal Experiences


Foodback Analytics is made for busy horeca people! We make it super simple to see exactly where you perform well, and where you need to adjust.



Foodback constantly monitors your venues, so you can make sure you utilise your resources the optimal way. If you need help, we have experienced advisors ready.

Based on Research

With Foodback Intelligent Survey Engine, you always get a set of questions, taliored for your type of venue! Our unique survey engine is built in close collaboration with Kai Victor Hansen, a highly respected professor at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management. It makes sure each guest gets a quick and smooth user experience, while you get powerful insight with industry leading depth and detail.

Powerful Analytics

With Foodback, you’ll have more customer feedback than you have ever imagined! This is what the tech guys refer to as “Big Data”. To get the most out of this information, we have built a simple, yet powerful business intelligence tool. In here we give you both the high level overview, and precise recommendations on where you need to improve.

We're Experts on Feedback About Food

We deliver an all-inclusive solution for feedback about food, tailored for your business.


In House

The original Foodback, which gives  mobile payment, deep insight and an industry leading response rate of 90%.

Take Away

Are your guests taking the food home or to work? No worries, we have a great solution for this as well.


Hotel breakfasts are more important for business than ever before! We'll tell you what your guests think.


Canteens serve a guest over 100 meals every year. We give you detailed feedback about your canteen's quality.

Café / Diner

Serving pre-paid food and drinks under your own roof? We make sure guests can leave valuable feedback!

Food Courts

Where food genres blend perfectly via shared tables. One Foodback QR Code brings them all together.

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