Success Stories

Learn more about how our customers are using Foodback to improve their guest experience

Compass Group Canada | Food Service

Amplifying their track record of outstanding customer service

Compass Group Canada was looking for a tool to help measure and track their guest experience across all areas of the business, and increase the quality and quantity of guest feedback data while also creating an engaging experience for the customer.

coor-canteen-employees 2

Coor Norway | Food Service

Customer Experiences Delivered as Fresh Produce

Read about how Coor structured their customer feedback and made Foodback a core part of their data-driven canteen business.

Quick Wins

How our customers are using Foodback insights to improve their guest experience

Foodback can provide value from day 1 for quick fixes, and overtime Foodback insights can inform the overall growth strategies of the business. Here are some examples of quick wins our customers have implemented using the guest feedback they collected with Foodback.

Poor Follow-up During Meal

Waiters were misjudging how often to follow up with their guests. After receiving comments through Foodback from guests wanting more frequent table visits, the staff took note and made changes – which not only improved service ratings but increased revenue.

Inefficient Flow in Dirty Dishes Area

After repeated complaints about the order in the dirty dishes area of the staff cafeteria, our client had a workshop, made changes, and complaints on the dirty dish area were reduced.

Too Cold

Busy waiters constantly on the move did not realise the room temperature was too low in their restaurants. Guests, on the other hand, were freezing, some even complained they felt like sitting with their coats on. The temperature was increased, and the complaints stopped.

Overcooked Food

Customers complained about how the salmon and vegetables were cooked. The kitchen adjusted, and the complaints stopped.

No Gluten Free Alternatives

A heavily repeated missing element was fresh gluten free bread. A steady stream of complaints from guests allergic to gluten, made the breakfast restaurant react. 

Outdated Interior

Guest feedback persuaded management to allocate a budget for major renovation.

More Vegan Alternatives, Thank You!

With Foodback it became clear that their clientele wanted a larger variety of options to accommodate different diets which gave our client the information they needed to diversify their menu.

Menu Was Too Complex

More than 100 guests complained that the menu was overly text heavy. Our client changed to a more visual menu, which was well received.

Poor Accoustics

Management believed it had implemented enough measures to improve the venue’s acoustics, but after repeated feedback from guests that it was too loud, the restaurant invested in further renovations to improve the guest experience.

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