Take Away & Delivery

When your guests eat outside your venue

Some of Our Take Away / Delivery Customers


Tailored for Take Away/Delivery

Foodback is the all-inclusive feedback solution for the Horeca industry. We have worked with some of the best researchers in the world to establish a set of questions that is tailored for your needs. Forget about large implementation projects, workshops and meetings. With Foodback, you’re up and running in a matter of minutes, not days.

If you want to put your touch to it, you can. It’s fully customizable.


Done in 30 seconds

Foodback is made to be fast and free from friction.

The experience is simple:

  1. Guest gets a link via SMS / Push / Mail (you decide)
  2. They answer 5 questions and leave a comment 
  3. Done! They see your interactive advertisement


Integrate to Your App/POS

Our flexible API lets you integrate with Foodback in any way you want. You simply request a unique URL from us, which you can present in-app, via a SMS, Push notification or Email. Wherever your guest is present. We have experienced advisers supported by leading researchers who can help you out with timing the message to perfection. 

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