QR for Pre-Paid

Regardless of where you serve the meal, add a simple QR code to the table, packaging, receipt or similar. Once your guest have tried Foodback, they will try again.

Some of Our QR Customers

Tailored for Your Segment

Foodback is the all-inclusive feedback solution for the Food & Beverage industry. We have worked with some of the best researchers in the world to establish a set of questions that is tailored for your needs. Forget about large implementation projects, workshops and meetings. With Foodback, you’re up and running in a matter of hours, not weeks.

If you want to put your touch to it, you can. It’s fully customizable.


Table Stands Made for Scanning

We have developed a functional and well designed table stand, made for scanning QR codes. They have just enough tilt to make sure your guests can hold their phones in a natural position while scanning.

Contact us, and we’ll make sure our design department makes something beautiful that blends perfectly in with your existing brand.


Done in 30 seconds

Foodback is made to be fast and free from friction.

The experience is simple:

  1. Guest scans the QR code with their device
  2. If Food Court: Select venue
  3. Answer 5 questions & leave a comment
  4. Done! They see your interactive advertisement


Engage Using Rewards

To engage your guests even more, activate our fun and interactive Happy Wheel. You set the prizes, win frequency and how long the voucher should be valid. You can even add a bar code to it, so it’s super easy for both guests and your employees to use them.


Closing the Loop

We deliver an end-to-end customer insight and improvement solution.
With Foodback you’ll always be one step ahead of the competition.

QR Case Studies

Coor: Customer Experiences
Delivered as Fresh Produce

Read about how Coor structured their customer feedback and made Foodback a core part of their data-driven canteen business.

Selected Data-Driven Improvement Stories

The power of Foodback lays in our ability to measure everything from large to tiny but important details. We have hundreds of stories to tell about data-driven improvements done with Foodback, and here are some of them.


Inefficient Flow in Dirty Dishes Area

Multiple customers complained about the order in the dirty dishes area of the canteen. Our client had a workshop, made changes, and got happy customers.


Missing Spoons for Eggs

Multiple guests complained about missing spoons for eggs. A tiny but very frustrating error. Our client’s management on site, went out and bought plenty of spoons, and use the ad space to tell guests they were heard.


No Gluten Free Alternatives

A heavily repeated missing element was fresh gluten free bread. A steady stream of complaints from guests allergic to gluten, made the breakfast restaurant react. 


Portions Sizes to Small

Guests complained about small portion sizes. With Foodback running continously, our client adjusted till it got right.