Foodback In House

For regular restaurants, handing out the bill after the meal

The Bill Folder

Our smart bill folder is built to blend perfectly into regular restaurant operations. Simply replace your existing folders with ours, and continue as before. The difference in usage is minimal, but the difference in customer insight is huge! Nearly every guest answers the questions when presented with a Foodback Bill Folder.

Intelligent Survey Engine

With Foodback, you get over 40 tailored questions for the restaurant industry, out of the box! Our unique survey engine is built in close collaboration with Kai Victor Hansen, a highly respected professor at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management. Our engine makes sure each guest gets a quick and smooth user exeperience, while the restaurants get powerful insight from nearly every guest. Imagine that!

Powerful Analytics

With Foodback, you’ll have more customer feedback than you have ever imagined! This is what the tech guys refer to as “Big Data”. To get the most out of this information, we have built a simple, yet powerful business intelligence tool. In here we give you both the high level overview, and precise recommendations on where you need to improve.

How it Works

Our Bill Folder Has an Incredible Response Rate of 90%!

Imagine the possibilities you get with all that insight…

Mobile Payment Made Easy

Let your guests handle payment and splitting, all by themselves!

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