Foodback Portal & Check-In

One place for all digital interaction with your clients. Available from a single QR code.

One QR Covering All Needs


Use Foodback’s built-in COVID-19 track & trace (GDPR compliant), or link to any other third party solutions.


Link to your digital menu.

Order & Pay

Already using a self-service ordering solution? No worries, we support that too.


Our Portal will of course integrate seamlessly with Foodback to gather fresh and high quality feedback.

COVID-19 Information

Let your customers know that their safety is your highest priority.

Configure to Your Needs

The Foodback Portal adopts to whatever needs your venue has, now and in the future.

How it Works

Scan the QR Code

Use your existing QR code, whether it be on table tents, stickers or something else. Or create a new one, and tailor the messenging to track & trace and COVID-19.

In the event of a COVID-19 outbreak, contact us on and we’ll export the correct set of data and alert the right government officials asap.


Enter Foodback Portal

The one-stop-shop for all digital and contactless interaction with your customers.

Want to Start Using Foodback Portal?

After all, it is free of charge when you subscribe to Foodback.

Closing the Loop

We deliver an end-to-end customer insight and improvement solution.
With Foodback you’ll always be one step ahead of the competition.