How Foodback Works

Powerful, game-changing analytics for guest experience professionals,

not data scientists.

Foodback’s Winning Recipe

When it comes to a customer experience management solution that is fun for your guests and easy to use, we’ve got you covered.

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Intelligent Survey Engine

Ask your guests meaningful questions that you can take action on.

Foodback Business Intelligence

Check your feedback data in real-time at all levels of the business with our online analytics platform.

Fast and fun for guests, actionable insights for your business.

Our survey engine’s curated question stack is backed by science to provide the best user experience for your guests and actionable insights for your business.

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Manage your guest experience across locations, sectors, and regions.

Powerful customization tools that support your entire business.

Foodback survey and analytics

Overview of your entire business

Collect feedback from guests at all of your locations and have it presented in easy-to-use dashboards.

Valuable insights for operators

Give your location staff access to Foodback insights so they can respond to guests in real-time, motivate their team, and act on improvement areas.

Favorite Features

Foodback’s survey engine and analytics platform are packed of powerful features that will help you manage and improve your guest experience.

Customer Insight

Never ask the same question twice. Learn demographics, food preferences, and more!

Ad Space

Build your loyalty club, upsell, promote campaigns, and boost social engagement.

Live Notification

Save unhappy customers in real-time, stop bad public reviews, and protect brand reputation.

One More Question

Get important insight on aspects not covered in day-to-day survey engine.

Email Reports

Choose frequency for reports (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) and who gets them!


Collection and/or export to your repository to put Foodback data in context with other business data.

Happy Wheel

Incentivize guests with rewards. You choose the prizes and how often they are given!

Multi - Venue QR

Great for Food courts, arenas, and convention centers.

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