Foodback is Built to Help Restaurants Improve

We turn subjective experiences into actionable data, so you can turn that data into profit.

Foodback is Built to Help Restaurants Improve

We turn subjective experiences into actionable data, so you can turn that data into profit.

Drive Up Revenue With Foodback’s Authentic Feedback

More Repeat Business

Customers who are listened to are customers who return.

More New Business

The wisdom of crowds perfects your offering, spreading your name wider.

Give Them What They Want

Customers tell you what’s missing from the menu, creating unforeseen new revenue opportunities.

Cut Out The Waste

Discover which items or service features are unpopular and get rid of them.

Better Customer Insight

50% of Foodback respondents leave valuable demographic data.

Stop The Reputational Damage

Catch and fix customer criticism privately before they take it online.

Data Driven Innovation

Foodback is a very dynamic and inspiring company to collaborate with. It makes us much more agile in how we deliver innovation and customer experience in the food domain. Becoming customer data-driven is pointing the way for us to design the services of tomorrow.

Christian Dahl,
Digital Business Developer

Powerful Dashboards

There is no doubt that Foodback delivers a significant amount of feedback! With the support of great dashboards, it puts staff on board and management on land in a good position to develop our concepts, and deliver great guest experiences every day.

Magne Jacobsen
VP Hotel Operations, Hurtigruten

Positive Motivation for Our Employees

Foodback enables us to benchmark our restaurants as well as monitor daily responses in each location – and the guest has a channel to reach out to us with comments at all times. I have seen Foodback positively motivate our employees to achieve improved scores.

Jon Eldon,
Operations Director Norway

Simple, but Powerful!

The digital bill folder offers a quick and easy user experience, and deep insight into all important aspects of the meal experiences we deliver through our historical, high-quality restaurants.

Nils Henrik Geitle,
CEO, De Historiske Hotel- og Spisesteder

Great for Marketing!

We’re overwhelmed with how much value Foodback brings to the Sabi restaurant chain. For the first time we have a tool that can give us the daily pulse of all our restaurants!

Kenneth Storesund,
Development Manager, Sabi Sushi

Instant & Detailed Feedback

We find the majority of our guests are more than happy to answer the questions, giving an invaluable daily overview of our performance.

Nicolas Maffini,
Food & Beverage Manager, Sola Stand Hotel

Any Segment, Anytime, Anywhere

Foodback offers customer insight and analytics tailored to the kind of eating place you are.

Foodback Portal & Check-In

The single place for all digital interaction with your clients. All available from a single QR code.

Easily add menu, ordering, COVID-19 check-in, feedback and more!

Future Proof
Adoptable to any needs, during and after COVID-19.

Free of Charge!
Best of all, its free for both existing and new customers!




Regardless of where you serve the meal, add a simple QR code to the table, packaging, receipt or similar. Once your guest have tried Foodback, they will try again.

Foodback Bill Folder



If you’re running table service venues handing out the bill after the meal, the Foodback Bill Folder is your perfect companion. 90% of your customers will answer!

Integration with our API



Integrate Foodback directly to your app, and get valuable feedback where ever the digital interaction happens.


Powerful, Game-changing Analytics

For Dining Professionals, Not Data Scientists.

Cutting-edge data visualisation techniques let you identify key trends instantly, but drill down for more detail when you want. Our core principle is you should find any answer you need in a few seconds.

Data For Mutiple Outlets

Whether it’s five locations or 500, if you manage more than one eating place, we have special reporting tools for you:

  • Goals & Benchmarking
  • Groups
  • Totally customisable configuration and access control

Closing the Loop

We deliver an end-to-end customer insight and improvement solution.
With Foodback you’ll always be one step ahead of the competition.

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