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Why Foodback

Guest feedback data take the guesswork out of how you run your restaurant and ensure that all levels of management understand the guest experience.

Get actionable business insights

Ask your guests questions that will help you understand the drivers of Good and bad experiences, and give you the information you need to make meaningful change at your business.

Promptly act on guest feedback

Foodback’s quick questionaire gives you insight to the silent majority, helps you stop reputational damage, and prevents ‘lost in translation’ between guests and staff.

Drive long-term, sustainable business results

Foodback will fundamentally change how restaurants run their business day-to-day, and enable strategic business improvements. 

Increase loyalty and guest retention

Connect with guests, build meaningful relationships, and create a holistic brand experience and customer journey.

Fast and fun for guests

Our survey engine’s curated question stack is backed by science to provide the best user experience for your guests and actionable insights for your business.

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Scan QR code or click a link

Display the Foodback QR code however you want to – on a table tent, sticker, coaster, pizza box, and more!


Take Foodback's quick 20 second survey to leave feedback

Complete Foodback’s
20-second survey

Guests answer 5 simple questions on a scale of 1 to 6 – it only takes a few moments.


Spin the happy wheel!

Once your guests complete the survey they can spin the happy wheel for a chance to win. You decide the prize and how often it is given.


Easy set-up

Have Foodback up and running in no time – our team of guest feedback specialists are here to help you each step of the way!

Step 1

Tell us a bit about your business and choose how you would like to collect your guest feedback.

Step 2

We will set-up your Foodback system per your requirements, and create and print any design.

Step 3

Place Foodback at your location(s) and start monitoring your result in Foodback analytics.

The future of guest experiences

Here are some examples of how Foodback is already being used at restaurants. Foodback is incredibly easy to use and provides value from day 1. 

App was difficult to navigate

Users struggled with navigation. Over 800 mentioned this in comments, and our client forwarded this to their development team for adjustments.

Overcooked food

Customers complained about how the salmon and vegetables were cooked. The kitchen adjusted, and the comlpaints stopped.

Poor follow-up during meal

Waiters were afraid to bother guests by asking too often if they wanted drinks refilled, but their judgement was wrong. Guests wanted more follow-up, which not only improved the service, but directly increased revenue.

Still of hand with mobile phone using foodback with all the foodback smiles around it

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Did you know that the cost of Foodback is easily covered by retaining 1-2 guests per month?



Questions? We’ve got the answers.

How long does it take to get Foodback up and running?

It takes just a few minutes to set-up your account, survey, and QR code or link within Foodback’s analytics platform. If using a QR code, it is just a matter of printing your QR code on a table tent, sticker, or item of your choosing! 

How does pricing work?

Foodback licenses are priced per venue and we offer volume discounts starting at 10 venues.

Can we customize the survey questions?

Yes! If there are specific questions you would like to ask your guests you can add custom questions to Foodback’s research-backed question stack. If you would like to have your own unique set of questions you can also get a Flexible Account license for ultimate customization!

How should I display the QR code?

Most Foodback customers display their QR codes on table tents or stickers. We have also had clients that print their QR code on pizza boxes, takeout bags, and coasters!

You can choose to manage the design and print yourself, or our in-house designers can help.

Let’s taco bout it!

Got questions? Don’t worry, contact us and we’ll answer them as soon as we can!

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