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Stian Pedersen

Stian Pedersen

Sales Director

+ 47 909 30 177

Fredrik Amundsen

Fredrik Amundsen

Business Developer - Oslo

+ 47 480 54 250

Daniel Chaibi

Daniel Chaibi


+ 47 980 56 646

Want a Demo?

We would love to come by your restaurant and give a demo of our solution. We’ll bring the Foodback Bill Folder and the interactive dashboard, so you can see the magic with your own eyes 😉

Please drop us a mail or use our contact form on this page, and we’ll get in touch, promise!

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08:00 – 16:00

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Where to Find Us

Sandnes, Norway (FOMO Works)

Our headquarters, where it all started. This is where we run sales, support and development of our product. We’re located at the very inspireing offices FOMO Works.

FOMO Works
Grenseveien 21
N-4313 Sandnes

Oslo, Norway (StartupLab)

We’re proud to be part of the lab that has raised some of the most promising startups in Norway. A very pulsating and inspiring environment to be in. This is our hub in the Oslo region.

Oslo Science Park
Gaustadalléen 21
N-0349, Oslo

Foodback AS

We live here, in the innovative iPark,
together with some of our investors.

Please drop by for a cup of coffee ☕


Foodback Oslo