We're Scaling Up and Going Global!

Are You The One We're Looking For?

Foodback is a rapidly growing scale-up in the food tech sector. Our goal is to unlock insight and identify hidden business opportunities for our customers, so that they can work data-driven and continuously improve. Today, we provide world-leading feedback for the food and beverage industry and work continuously innovatively to improve our products. We are now experiencing strong growth and are strengthening the organization to equip ourselves for scaling internationally.

Head of Development

As Head of Development you’ll have the technical responsibility for our solution. You’ll work in a cross-functional team together with Product Managers, UX/Design, DevOps and Data Science/Analytics.

Head of Customer Success

This role will be leading our Customer Success and Support teams, with some big growth plans on the horizon. It is a real opportunity to make these teams your own and work directly with the CEO and the founding team.

Position filled

More info to come 😎

Head of Marketing

As Head of Marketing, you’ll be a central resource in many aspects of bringing Foodback to the global scene. You’ll be an important supporter to our international sales team, and help them succeed in the market.

Position filled

More info to come 😎

Graphic Designer

As Graphic Designer, you’ll be a central resource in the dialogue with our customers, and their customers. You’ll be able to shape and improve our graphical footprint with the main focus being digital.

Position filled

More info to come 😎

Open Application

If you have relevant experience from scale-ups and believe you can strengthen our team, please reach out. Fields we want to power-up are Product Management, Data Science, DevOps, UX/Design,

We’re Located in Modern Office Spaces

Even though 2020 has given us plenty of home office, we do prefer our regular offices as often as we can. At FOMO in Sandnes and StartupLab in Oslo, we have fresh and inspiring spaces filled with promising start-ups/scale-ups. We never stop to get amazed of all the positive sparks we experience when sorrounded by all this positive energy.