Foodback receives grant from Innovation Norway!

Foodback is pleased to announce that we have been given a grant from Innovation Norway to explore new markets outside Norway. Throughout 2015 we have been focusing on product development, adding new features and flexibility. We believe the time is right to follow up...

Experimenting with colours

Every restaurant is unique, so we’re experimenting with colours and fabrics, so we’re able to offer a look & feel that fits everybody. Which one is your favourite?

Foodback pilots all over the place!

A few hectic months into our pilots, we have taken a breather to inform on how we are doing thus far.  We have implemented Foodback on about 20 restaurants in the southwest region in Norway. If you are out and about, looking for a meal, head to one of these locations...

Behold, the Foodback-mobile!

Behold the foodbackmobile, read batmobile. We are now visible on the road as well as in restaurants. Hopefully we can cheer up your day when you see our large smiley in the rearview mirror 😀