Foodback Powers RC Show 2024 – Canada’s Leading Foodservice & Hospitality Expo

By Tonje Finsrud
Published Apr 4, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce our continued partnership with Restaurants Canada Show (RC Show), the foremost event for Canada’s foodservice and hospitality industry. As the official feedback provider, Foodback is set to play a key role in enhancing the experience for all attendees and exhibitors at this year’s event.

The fact that RC Show draws in thousands of attendees and exhibitors from around the world is really special. It’s an arena for participants to share, learn, and get a glimpse into the future trends set to define the industry. What’s equally exciting is the growing recognition of how crucial feedback and data-driven decisions are in shaping these experiences. We’re beyond proud to step in with Foodback, the top-tier guest feedback and insight solution.

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Why RC Show is unmissable

  • History of innovation: The RC Show has been a cornerstone for 76 years, consistently leading the charge in Canada’s bustling foodservice scene.

  • Massive attendance: Drawing in over 20,000 professionals, it’s a melting pot where the industry’s present meets its future.

  • Huge opportunities in a huge industry: Within Canada’s impressive $95-billion foodservice industry, the show offers a view into the landscape of opportunities.

  • Trendsetters: A significant portion of attendees come with one goal: discovering what’s next. They represent the forward-thinkers and trend-seekers of the industry, making RC Show the go-to event to get a sneak peek at what’s next in the industry.

    Foodback’s Role

    We’re thrilled to be the official feedback partner for the RC Show, where our goal is to ensure the continued evolution of RC Show, making each year’s event even more impactful and memorable than the last! In a world where exceptional service is expected, Foodback is here to ensure businesses not only meet but exceed these expectations.

    Foodback: For Who & For What

    Foodback transforms guest feedback into actionable insights for hospitality, consumer goods, and staff engagement, helping businesses stand out by enhancing loyalty, understanding customer needs, and fostering positive work environments.

    • Hospitality: Boost loyalty and enhance guest experiences with our interactive surveys. We make feedback fun and insightful, helping you shine in service delivery.

    • Consumer Goods: Open a direct line of communication with your consumers. Our adaptable feedback tools let you dive deep into consumer needs, amplifying your product’s success.

    • Staff: Foster a workplace where your team thrives. Foodback offers the insights you need to create a supportive and positive environment for your staff.

      Come Visit Us & Learn More!

      We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce you to our Foodback team who will be at the RC Show show and are ready to welcome you and uncover how Foodback can help your business succeed.

        Derek Greenberg

        Derek Greenberg

        Senior Vice President of Sales

        Jens Schuster

        Jens Schuster

        Head of Customer Success - North America

        Burke Johnson

        Burke Johnson

        Director of Business Development

        Tonje Finsrud

        Tonje Finsrud

        Product Manager focused on Consumer Goods

        Thomas L. Pedersen

        Thomas L. Pedersen

        COO & Founder

        Stian L. Pedersen

        Stian L. Pedersen

        CEO & Founder

        This is a group of dedicated individuals, passionate about creating tailored solutions that cater to your business needs. Foodback understands that each business is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Whether your focus lies in improving staff retention, elevating your hospitality and food service offerings, or increasing the success rate of your products in store, our team is here and ready to assist you.

        Join us at our booth for a chat, and let’s explore how Foodback can create a solution for your business and how we can help you improve your business with real-time customer feedback.

        Try Us Out!

        Giving feedback is a breeze and it’s all done in about 20 seconds. Just spot a Foodback QR code around the show, give it a quick scan, and voila! Share your feedback, unlock a special offer, and get a chance to win a $50 AMEX gift card.

        We look forward to contributing to the success of the RC Show and encourage all attendees to actively use the QR-codes placed around the event to give their feedback while it’s fresh.

        A big thank you to RC Show for again choosing Foodback as the official feedback provider for this year’s event. Our partnership reflects a shared commitment to excellence and innovation in the foodservice and hospitality industry. This collaboration aims to make each year’s event even better than the last!

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