When you’re itching to ask just ‘One More Question’

By Daniel Chaibi
Published Dec 30, 2021
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The new year is approaching and it’s time for many to wind down. We are egg-cited to share that even though times have been difficult, we see generally high scores on the experiences that our customers are providing to their guests. Restaurants continue to cook up a lot of good things! 

Our customers’ success means everything to us and we have spent the past few years focusing on finding the best ways to help our customers. This includes providing ways to incorporate QR codes for guest registration alongside other functionality within a single QR code, serving our customers all the insight that could possibly be gained, and in turn enabling world class guest experiences.

This year, we have welcomed many new customers onboard, both abroad and back home in little Norway. We have strengthened our team in Norway so that we can support our customers better than ever.

As our gift during this festive season, we have released a number of new features:

  • We have boosted our fraud-algorithm, which bars those who find spinning the wheel a little too exciting from being able to do so more than once per day.
  • We have established functionality for you to set your opening hours and choose whether to allow feedback only during those hours.
  • Finally, we just rolled out our newest feature, “One more question”, which lets you add a question of your own choice to your guests. You can activate it on any number of venues, and even set a limited period of time for it to be active. You can read more about One More Question and how to set it up here.

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Should you need us, we will be available as usual through the chat bubble in the Foodback tool or at support@foodback.com

From all of us, to all of you: We wish you a pleasant time and the best for the year to come!

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Merete Medle

Customer Experience Director

At Foodback, Merete is responsible for making our existing customers happy, ensuring they get value out of our product, and providing them with what they need from us when they need it. She is really passionate about customer and guest experiences and with her combined experience within CXM and the hospitality industry, she believes she can help our customers become more data-driven and use this as their advantage! In her spare time, Merete is a twin mom, a podcast host, writer and spinning instructor! 

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