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Foodback launches single Covid-19 check-in, menu and feedback QR code for restaurant trade

by | 3. November 2020

 Foodback has just launched Foodback Portal & Check-In, a new solution for the restaurant trade allowing diners to check-in, look at and order from the menu, and rate their meal.

One QR scan on arrival lets diners:

  • perform coronavirus check-in
  • read, and order from, the menu
  • rate their meal
Foodback Portal & Check-in

Restaurant customers can now make a Covid-19 check-in, read menus, order meals and give feedback all through one QR scan with their mobile phones, thanks to digital diner interaction provider Foodback.

Many countries currently require diners to register upon arrival at a restaurant or hotel for coronavirus tracing. The quickest way is for customers to scan a QR code on their mobile.

Restaurants and hotel are also increasingly using QR codes for a range of other customer interactions. But until now they have needed to provide one QR code for Covid-19 check-in and at least one more QR code for the other digital services. The brand new Foodback Portal combines all these interactions through a single QR scan that generates a landing page on the customer’s phone.

Foodback Portal is fully customisable. Restaurants can display menus directly or create a seamless link to any self-service ordering app or website they already use. Other useful links can also be connected, such as a description of the restaurant or links to taxi services.

When the meal finishes, the same landing page lets diners rate and comment on their experience, creating valuable direct feedback for the restaurant. In addition to normal questions about quality of food and service, Foodback now also includes optional questions about how well the restaurant followed Covid-19 hygiene measures.

Foodback Portal Use Cases

“Until now, restaurants have needed multiple QR codes to meet their Covid-19 obligations on top of their other mobile services for diners,” says Foodback CEO Martin Jørgensen. “A single QR portal makes the experience simpler, faster and more effective for customer and restaurant alike.”

Martin Jørgensen elaborates: “The launch of Foodback Portal is the latest step in our evolution beyond an insightful diner feedback tool to a full digital customer interaction and analytics service for restaurants.”

Foodback Portal is free to all Foodback subscribers.

Foodback ( is a digital customer interaction and analytics service for restaurants and other dining establishments. A single QR code allows customers to access a range of optional functions on their mobile devices, including check-in, menu viewing and ordering, and providing instant feedback on meals and service. Powerful analytics help restaurants identify customer likes and dislikes and monitor their businesses to drive better performance. Foodback is headquartered in Norway and operates in 30 markets worldwide.


For more information, contact: 

Martin Jørgensen
Chief Executive Officer

+47 90 53 19 97 

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