Foodback expands to take away and delivery

By Daniel Chaibi
Published Mar 12, 2019
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In 2017, we released the next generation Foodback, with a brand new Bill Folder and Analytics Portal. We have received lots of positive feedback about the solution, and have since rolled out to Norway’s most known restaurant brands.

Now what about the eating establishments that do not hand out the bill after the meal? Take Away? Canteens? Cafés? Hotel Breakfasts? All important meal experiences, where feedback is equally important. Well, wait no more, we have the answer.

Same all-inclusive solution  

Here at Foodback, we’re all about simplicity. The industry we’re serving are filled with busy people, and they need tools that just work. That’s why we have created a brand new set of questions for Delivery and Take Away, which are carefully split into 4 pre-defined categories:

Intelligent survey Kai Victor Hansen

So there is still no need for a comprehensive implementation project, workshops or similar. After you have signed with Foodback, you’re up and running in a jiffy!

Flexible integration  

With our flexible integration, we can serve the same experience in your own app, via Push, SMS or Email. It’s very easy to get started, and as always, you are in control of the look and feel, so it integrates perfectly with your existing brand.

Interactive advertisement

Since we’re moving onto the guests’ own devices, we can now make the advertisement a link to a campaign or similar on your home page. We even support GIF’s to make them more engaging.

The user experience

We’ve kept the fast and simple experience from our Bill Folder, and made it even simpler. 5 questions and a comment, and the user is done in 30 seconds.

How it works Foodback take away

About Foodback

Foodback is a rapidly growing scale-up in the food tech sector. Our goal is to unlock insight and identify hidden business opportunities for our customers. Today, we provide a world-leading feedback solution for the food and beverage industry, working continuously to innovate and improve.


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