As we are looking for partners and investors to grow our network and business, we have applied for entering the start up investment program Angel Challenge.

Angel Challenge Stavanger kick off the program with 20 Startups and 20 investors on June 8th 2017, and continue the selection 14th and 15th of August after the summer holidays. Then they keep going until a winner of a 1 million NOK investment is selected at the Finale at Nordic Edge and DNB NXT in Stavanger September 27th 2017.

We really look forward to use his competition to showcase Foodback and learn from experienced investors. The goal is of course to reach the final at Nordic Edge in September.

Angel Challenge Stavanger

Angel Challenge Stavanger History

Last year, 25 investors and 20 startups join the two month long program leading in a winning investment in SmartPlants AS, and two more investments in the finalists Qluge AS and Explo Crowd AS a few months after the program. Also 50% of the investors from the program are now meeting regularly or the Angel Challenge Alumni sessions once a month. The kick off is June 8th!

Stay tuned for updates on our progress 🙂


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