The hospitality sector is full of great products and services. There are so many, that it can be hard to get a good overview of it all. Luckily, there are some great exhibitions and trade shows that can give you the overview you need.

The Restaurant Show is one of those exhibitions, and gives us, a software provider to the hospitality sector, a good feel of what’s happening out there.


We sent our new CTO to get some inspiration, and have a look at trends in the market. The general impression we have after attending, is that the marked is very big, and there are so many different companies. However, it seems to be room for them all, as there are a vast amount of challenges to solve. Daniel had some good conversations with PoS (Point of Sale) companies, table ordering solutions, such as ResDiary and OpenTable, and even some of our competitors. Every solution has a unique angle, and adds value in their own way. We showed Foodback to different people at the exhibition, and they were really impressed with the simplicity, and of course, our crazy high response rates, close to a 100%!

foodback-at-the-restaurant-show-2016-badge foodback-at-the-restaurant-show-2016-inspiration

One of the perks of attending exhibitions in our sector, is all the great food and drinks you can try out 🙂 Daniel is very interested in good craft beers, and of course, tried out some of them. By, what some would call a coinsidence, he ended up at a table trying out some of the best sherries in the world. One of them was over 30 years old!

foodback-at-the-restaurant-show-2016-beer foodback-at-the-restaurant-show-2016-sherry

All in all, we’re very happy we attended. Next time we’ll send a bigger delegation for sure!

Thanks to the orginizer of The Restaurant Show and see you next year!

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