Foodback is glad to inform that Validè has enrolled us in their incubator program.

We feel blessed to be a part of the best incubator program in the region and probably in Norway, they open doors for us and give us the means to grow our business rapidly.

Thomas L. Pedersen, CEO

Validé has one of Norways leading incubators. They are an assembly of people with ideas, entrepreneurs, companies at an early stage. Through 15 years they have helped a great number of ideas from the first sketsh all the way to commercializing.

Valide LogoThey invest time and capital in the companies they work with and have an early phase investment strategy. Furthermore they have a large network within industry and research, together with public and privat capital. This is utilized to the benefit of growing the companies in their incubator.

Validés main focus areas are withing, technology, energy, health and biotechnologi, food and nature, culture, communication and design.

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