About Foodback

Foodback’s world-leading guest feedback solution for restaurants is changing how guest experiences are managed.


Our goal is to unlock actionable insight and identify hidden business opportunities for restaurants and food retailers, so that they can make data-driven decisions and build meaningful customer relationships.

Our History

In a competitive market where consumers expect a perfect experience, Foodback helps restaurants connect with their guests and improve their business through high-quality, actionable insights.

Where it began

Where Foodback Began

For the love of food

Founded in 2013, the idea behind Foodback came from a group of friends and their restaurant club in Stavanger, Norway. Every month they visited a new restaurant and many times they wished there were a way to share constructive feedback that wouldn’t get lost in translation or forgotten about.

    How it came together

    How It Came Together

    Foodies unite!

    Foodback’s founders engaged experts in the restaurant industry to develop a specialized guest feedback solution that is fast and fun for guests, paired with a powerful insight platform for restaurants.

      How it works - Foodback

      Foodback Today

      More than a feedback tool

      As we continue to innovate and grow our core offering, Foodback has become a one-of-a-kind guest experience management tool for restaurants. Many of our founders are still members of the core team, bringing their vision to life.

        What drives us

        Our north star since 2013.


        To shape the future of customer experiences by bridging the gap between consumers and businesses.


        Excellent customer experiences for everyone, everywhere, every time.

        What it means to be a Foodbacker

        Our values guide how we interact with the world around us.

        Food for Thought

        If someone comes knocking, we answer with open ears and open minds.


        We welcome and appreciate all backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.

        Always Curious

        Innovation cannot exist without curiosity. Have fun and explore!

        Make a splash

        Bring the energy and enthusiasm you want to see in the world. Don't be scared to have fun!

        Keep it Simple

        The best solution to any problem is usually a simple one. Embrace the elegance in simplicity.

        Meet the Team

        We wouldn’t be where we are today without our team of talented and innovative people. The diversity of cultures and skills has been a key ingredient to our success.

        Stian L. Pedersen

        Stian L. Pedersen

        CEO & Founder

        Thomas L. Pedersen

        Thomas L. Pedersen

        COO & Founder

        Daniel Chaibi

        Daniel Chaibi

        CTO & Co-Founder

        Derek Greenberg

        Derek Greenberg

        Senior Vice President of Sales

        Kristyn Dørr

        Kristyn Dørr

        Chief Marketing Officer

        Gina Salte Risa

        Gina Salte Risa

        Marketing Designer

        Deepthi Ananthula

        Deepthi Ananthula

        QA Engineer

        Benedicte Meling

        Benedicte Meling

        Customer Success Specialist

        Espen Eikeland

        Espen Eikeland

        Accountant & Co-Founder

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