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After visiting a restaurant, how often do you answer email surveys, scan QR codes on receipts or similar? Right, not very often. You have already had your meal and gone on with your life.

Welcome to the future of restaurant feedback! Here at Foodback, we want all guests, even the shy ones (which are most of us) to leave feedback about their meal experience. By merging the bill and feedback experience together in a folder with no login, no QR codes, no threshold, we manage to get feedback from nearly every guest!


Response Rate

Forget about mail, SMS and paper based surveys. Foodback gives you an unbeatable hit ratio!


Write Comment

Feedback doesn’t get fresher than this, and with fresh, comes honesty. Learn what customers really think about you!


Demographic Data

With demographic data like e-mail, age, gender and zip code, you really get to know who your guests are, and who’s not. Use that in your marketing!

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Foodback at a Glance

Bill Folder

The smart bill folder that blends perfectly in with regular restaurant operations, and secure  an incredible response rate from guests!

Intelligent Survey Engine

Our intelligent survey engine makes sure our restaurants get detailed feedback unlike any other solution, while still keeping it fast and super simple for the guests to answer.

Business Intelligence

In Foodback Business Intelligence, the restaurants can dive into the data, quickly identify areas of improvement, and constantly adjust their operation.

Self Serviced Mobile Payment – At the Table

With Foodback, you can finally leave the payment to the guests, and they will handle it all by themselves. The best part, you get high quality feedback at the same time. A classic win-win situation, right there!

Interesting, I want to know more...

Simple, but Powerful!

The digital bill folder offers a quick and easy user experience, and deep insight into all important aspects of the meal experiences we deliever through our historical and high quality restaurants.

Nils Henrik Geitle,
CEO, De Historiske Hotel- og Spisesteder

Great for Marketing!

We’re overwhelmed with how much value Foodback brings to the Sabi restaurant chain. For the first time, we now have a tool that can give us the daily pulse of all our restaurants!

Kenneth Storesund,
Development Manager, Sabi Sushi

Customer Insight on Steroids

We thought the information we got from TripAdvisor and Facebook was enough. Foodback proved us otherwise!

Mustafa Chaibi,
Manager, La Piazza


Some of Our Excellent Restaurants



Features That Gives You a Competitive Advantage!

Intelligent Survey Engine

We deliver high response rates combined with deep insight 40+ aspects of the meal experience

Mobile Payment

Let the guest handle payment and splitting the bill themselves. The tip is always kept separate!

Limit Social Media Negativity

Unhappy customers who use Foodback will not have the same urge to talk you down online.

E-mail Collection

On average, 27% leave their e-mail, which is great for marketing campaigns and expanding your customer clubs.


On average, 31% write comments, which often proves to be actionable information.

Compare Restaurants

Analyze venues against each other, to better understand how they perform.

Digital Advertisement

With Foodback, you can show a digital advertisement to every single guest. And you can swap it in seconds!

Brand Your Foodback

Make sure your Foodback is an integrated part of your customer experience.

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